Experiencing a Nuisance Wildlife Problem? We are the experts in animal control.

  • Squirrel

    Squirrel in your attic?

  • Bound

    Raccoon in your crawl space?

  • Enjoy

    Groundhog damaging your property or garden?

  • You Can Add

    Skunk spraying you or your pets?

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Founder and President of ADCS, Steve Toth, a wildlife biologist for 40 years, will answer your call directly. Steve will:

  • Access and identify the problem species
  • Give you a comprehensive outline of the treatment plan
  • Outline steps for treatment and possible removal
  • Quote an initial estimate
  • Dispatch one of our experienced Wildlife Technicians

Animal Damage Control Systems is the ONE CALL solution for all your nuisance animal removal (or control) needs. Proudly serving ALL of NJ, Metro NY and Eastern PA for over 30 years.

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